The Company is registered as Registrar and Share Transfer Agent with Securities & Exchange Board of India, Mumbai.

Registrar and Share Transfer Agent. The company has a centrally located office which is well equipped with latest data processing facilities and well trained man-power. The company has installed V-sat link with National Securities Depositories Ltd.(NSDL) and Central Depositories Services Ltd.(CDSL) for providing connectivity to the companies which decide to offer their shareholders the option of depository mode.

The SEBI has made it mandatory for the companies to get their shares converted in demat form so that the shareholders can trade in demat form. In due course of time all the listed companies shares will be compulsorily converted into demat form. Even SEBI has allowed certain debt instrument in demat form. Reserve Bank of India's 9% relief bonds are available in demat form. Even new issues of the companies will be dealt only in demat form. So, in the coming years this segment will be highly technical and will be cost effective for the companies whose shares will be dealt in demat form.

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