We're glad to announce that you will now be able to invest in Mutual Funds through us! We've started this service for a few mutual funds, and in the near future will be expanding our scope to include a whole lot more.

The Indus Team is in close contact with various fund houses and interactive sessions are held with fund managers. We will provide you with regular updates on products and new schemes. Being among the larger stock brokers we closely monitor the markets.

Based on the needs of our clients with their risk appetite, investment horizons and existing investments we will suggest investment in mutual funds, which are best, suited to you. Only after an in-depth analysis on parameters like risk adjusted returns, rolling returns volatility and portfolio churn do we select the fund and scheme selections. We generally advise a mature and long-term view on mutual fund investments.

To know more about investing in Mutual Funds contact: mutualinfo@indusinvest.com